August 21

Brian Kom


I’m excited to be a Learning Resource Teacher in the Special Education Department at the OJCS in 2018-19. This is my fourth year on staff at the OJCS, and it will be my seventh year at the school as a teacher (with a break in between teaching at an international school in Tokyo, Japan). Combined with my time as a student at what was then Hillel Academy, this will be my seventeenth year walking through the OJCS doors.

I completed my B.A. in Psychology at Carleton University and then backpacked through Europe, around which time I decided to enter the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Ottawa. I continued my studies at uOttawa to earn my M.A. in Curriculum Theory and Organizational Studies (my thesis–about the curriculum of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and P!nk–is viewable to all here, and may be of particular interest to those experiencing bouts of insomnia). I enjoy music, making radio/podcasts, reading, traveling and, most of all, reading while traveling.

As a teacher, my philosophy is to offer all students a chance to explore and play with learning opportunities in a safe, warm and responsive environment in which taking chances is encouraged and supported.

Communication is very important to me. Your questions, concerns and thoughts are always welcome and valued. Please don’t hesitate to write an e-mail, set up a meeting in school, or find me in the halls before or after school to chat. I hope to see you through the year, and am looking forward to another great year full of new challenges to encounter and new abilities to be realized.