August 21

Sharon Reichstein


I’m so glad you are visiting my page! I’m the new Director of Special Education at the OJCS and I am so excited for this new opportunity. Please come by and say hello and introduce yourself when you’re in the building. I’ll be in the school on Mondays, Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.

I am a passionate special education teacher with over 19 years experience teaching in the classroom. I have primarily taught children with learning disabilities and understand the complexities involved in having a student who struggles academically and or socially. I believe that every student can succeed to the best of their abilities if given the proper supports.

I am committed to collaborative problem solving, looking at the whole child, and focusing on a child’s strengths, in order to find solutions that work. I am an optimistic, caring and compassionate teacher who advocates for the success of all students. I achieve this goal by finding modifications, accommodations and altering delivery in order to teach to the student’s learning style and strength. I teach students how to work within a positive mindset and I truly believe that if you say “you can” you will be able to.

I have an extensive understanding of language based learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Written Expression challenges and I am an expert in teaching children how to read and spell. I have training in Orton Gillingham (Barton System) and Real Spelling (Structured Word Inquiry. I have a solid knowledge and understanding of children with ADHD, with Non Verbal Learning Disability (NLD), Autism Spectrum Disorder which includes Aspergers, and Pervasive Development Disorder. I have also worked with children with Anxiety Disorders. The disability does not define the child. The child’s strengths, talents and individuality defines the child.

I also own a company called PossAbilities Educational Consulting where I support families who have children with learning disabilities. I also work as a psychometrist, for a psychologist,  doing Psycho-Educational Assessments.

When you light up ABILITIES, there are endless POSSIBILITIES!

Sharon Reichstein

BA, DSW, BEd, Spec Ed, Psychometry